Fight Dryness And Dehydration: Celebrity Stylist Errol Douglas Gives Tips For Healthy Hydrated Hair


This year, Errol Douglas, one of the most influential hairdressers in the world, is offering up a few of his celeb-worthy tips for a foolproof plan to achieve hair that is healthy and happy. Do tell!

The biggest problem the stylist identifies is the elements. "Weather affects all hair types, and extremes of hot and cold bring different challenges," the stylist explained to Beauty4Media. "Hair dehydrates, particularly curly hair, if not managed. Weather extremes can compound this. A cold temperature increases the risk of breakage when styling, while artificial central heating has the same 'frizzing' affect created by summer heat," Douglas said.

Sometimes hair can feel like a lose-lose situation. Naturally, more frequent heat styling in the winter to fight rain, wind and snow eventually saps vital moisture, that unless replaced, can leave hair brittle and unmanageable by season's end. Bummer! What's more, our daily routines don't help hair much out either Errol noted. "Indoor heating and the cumulative of us going indoors and outdoors creating a continual hot/cold blast is a moisture drainer and on afro hair, drier at source to begin with, they have a big impact."   

Douglas recommended solution? Sealing cuticles with moisture.

"Scientifically speaking cuticles in need of moisture stripped by cold and by heating systems become brittle," he explained. "They tend to be raised, open and exposed to the elements. It's important to constantly re-hydrate the hair and use the right product to seal the cuticle pre-styling, so that they lie flat - it'll show dramatically in the finish, because the hair becomes easier to style and the weight in the product will help it last too."

Douglas instructs to seal cuticles with the right product, to use a strong barrel brush with as little heat as possible when styling, and to look for a heated styling tool that protects and as well as infuses moisture.

"Commit to a weekly high potency conditioning treatment mask and don't skimp," said the expert. "The ingredient levels are crucial to achieve a real boost." Errol also recommends staying hydrated "Water. Lots of it.  Whatever you drink a day, increase by a glass. It remains the best and most basic contribution to hydrating hair," he stressed.

How do you seal your hair with to help retain moisture? Let us know with a note below! 

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