Armpit Skin Care: How To Avoid Discoloration, Itchiness & Irritation

It's time to raise your arms ladies! Summer with soon be here and warmer temps call for sleeveless shirts, swimsuits, and exposing an area of the body that receives very little attention: Armpits!

Did you know that the mindless daily shave and quick roll of deodorant steal 50 percent of moisture from skin and wreak havoc on underarm's delicate pH balance?

The haphazard way we often treat this delicate skin are can often cause problems like dryness, redness, bumps and itchiness. Constant irritation also exacerbates hyperpigmentation, which is one cause of darkened armpits.

Fortunately, pits aren't picky. Spending just 60 seconds on this easy, three-step routine from can keep underarm's pH in check for a worry-free, comfortable day:

Cleanse with a Soap-Free Wash. With a gentle microfiber cloth or just your hands, cleanse the underarms with an ultra-mild wash. Try Sebamed's Liquid Face & Body Wash ($20). The soap-free formula deep cleanses while naturally conditioning and restoring skin to the ideal pH 5.5. Plus using your hands or a soft cloth instead of a loofah helps protect skin's delicate barrier.

Rinse and Pat Dry. Most of us forget to completely rinse and dry this area, causing water and cleansing residue to linger under the arms for unwanted itchiness. Instead of rubbing harshly with a towel, gently pat skin dry, which is much less abrasive.

Sensitive Skin Deodorant. Many deodorants are based on harsh chemicals. Look for one made with balsam, a common hydrating oil that's plant derived and soothing on sensitive skin. Apply one thin, even layer to the full area of the armpit (about a three-inch circle) using a gentle, single up-and-down swipe.

Skin will soo be in! How are you prepping those pits? Tell us with a note below!

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