Shailene Woodley Theo James' 'Divergent' Cast Girlfriend Talks Feeling 'Romantic and Sensual' After Ansel Elgort Sex Scene
Shailene Woodley has had no problem showing off her body as of lately, so it's no surprise that Ansel Elgort's "The Fault in Our Stars" costar had no problem stripping down on the cover of a magazine.
28 Days to Younger Skin: The Diet Program for Beautiful Skin This Summer
Looking for a beauty boost? This one takes 28 days and promises more beautiful skin. Why 28 days? Because according to Karen Fisher, award-winning author, former model, and nutritionist, it takes that long for your body to produce new cells in the deeper skin layers and for them to travel to th...
Diet Plans: How To Truly Lose Weight Without the 'D-Word' In 4 Steps
Ready to get in shape and trying to pick your next fad diet? Well some experts are saying if you want to lose weight and keep it off, forget about the "d" word and learn the strategies that will really change that number on the scale. "A variety of factors, from biological forces to emotional on...
Corset Waist Training: Tips To A Smaller Waistline Size
Ladies it's time to cinch things in. If you're doing all the right dieting and exercising regimes, and still want more inches off your waist, consider corset training. This method may sound a little archaic at first, but it really does work. Women have been using corsets to create a smaller waist...
Thinner by Dinner: 5 Tips on How To Pick The Right Shapewear
Body shapers perform mini-miracles when we wear them. This go-to garmet is quickly becoming a wardrobe staple that can tackle a variety of problem areas. In the spirit of spring and getting our figures just right, we tapped slimming expert, for their top 5 reasons to wear shapewea...
Spring Diet Tips: How To Create The Best Tasting & Healthy Smoothie
Spring-cleaning your body in time for summer and bikini season? Consider the power of the smoothie. Thick, fruity, and super healthy, what's not to love about this liquid meal? We here at BWN are certifiably addicted to them and we're always looking for a tasty new recipe. To build the perfe...
Sunbathing Diet: New Study Shows Early Sunlight Can Help You Lose Weight
We are always looking for the latest dietary tips to keep slim and trim and a new study shows that the sun could be a great source for maintaining a light and lean figure. According to research out of Northwestern, results showed that people who were exposed to moderately bright and even natural ...
Spring Diet Plans: New Nutrition Labels Aim To Help Us Eat Healthier
Spring is here and it's time to kick those diets into high gear int ime for summer! It's nothing new to the American consumer that food packaging emphasizes only part of a product's health story, and the fact that the nutritional labeling hasn't been overhauled in 20 years hasn't helped, says car...
Spring Clean Your Health: Dr. Strand of Amazing Race & Doctors Offers Tips
Spring cleaning doesn't always have to mean tidying up your home. It can also be for your body! Dr. Natalie Strand, director of integrative medicine at Freedom Pain Hospital, recently gave us some helpful tips for getting in shape this spring. In addition to her medical expertise, Strand also co...
Beauty Diet Tips: 5 Great Foods To Eat For Gorgeous Hair
Looking for that one secret for obtaining luscious locks? We all know that your hair is supposed to be your crowning glory! But we often find ourselves asking what we can do for healthier, stronger, and shinier strands. The answer - your diet! Consuming nutrient-rich foods stimulates the hair's prot...
New 'Cookie Diet' Gains Popularity in US, UK & Australia
New figures show that half a million people in America and Australia are replacing main meals and snacks with cookies, and this trend is set to hit the UK, raising serious concerns about their health and well-being. The latest diet to hit across the pond is the Cookie Diet. After success in Ameri...
Beauty Q&A: Laser and Cosmetic Dermatologist, Heidi Waldorf's Expert Tips
Ever wanted to pick the brain of a dermatologist to get all your skin care queries answered? Well, the wait is over. Laser and Cosmetic Dermatologist, Heidi Waldorf took some time to answer a few FAQ's, debunking myths, giving advice, and providing all the beauty facts to back it up. Check out what ...
Judy Condon Discusses Her Book "Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny" for Lasting Weight Loss
For everyone afraid to step on a scale, this author offers a big serving of tough love. The first thing readers may notice about Judy Condon's new book Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny is the statement on its cover: "This ain't no diet book." According to Condon, the word 'diet' implies a begi...
How To Understand Your Skin's Biology: Skin Expert Ron Cummings Shares Tips – and Why They Work
Most people have a vague idea of what's good and bad for our skin, but since we don't understand the biology involved, we either do nothing or the wrong things, says skin-care expert Ron Cummings. "How many times do we find mixed reports on health? Are eggs good or bad for you? Too much sun is ba...
Feed Your Beauty With Healthy Skin Care Tips From Nutricosmetics Expert Paula Simpson
Paula Simpson, Celebrity Beauty and Nutricosmetics Expert, has a few insightful tips on how to get skin in tip top shape, and her advice might not be what you would expect. Instead of dishing on the latest foundation and creams, this certified nutritionist tells us what we should be putting into our...
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