Corset Waist Training: Tips To A Smaller Waistline Size

Ladies it's time to cinch things in. If you're doing all the right dieting and exercising regimes, and still want more inches off your waist, consider corset training.

This method may sound a little archaic at first, but it really does work. Women have been using corsets to create a smaller waist for centuries, and there's a reason why.

Corsets serve to tighten and hold you in. Sure they work for a great costume or under another garment, but worn long enough and for the right amount of time, you can actually train your waist to get slimmer and stay thinner.

If you corset train your waist the right way, it's actually possible to lose up to three inches on your waist! Ready to try it and see the results for yourself? Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind:

- Make sure your corset has boning in it. Avoid corsets that use plastic instead. You want the corset to hold you in properly.

- Purchase a corset that is three inches below your current waistline. For example, of you're a 29 waist, go for a 26 corset.

- The eventual goal is to be able fully close the corset without any gaps in the back. If you reach this goal, move down to the next corset size to resume training.

- Start out in small doses. Don't wear your corset all the time. Begin by wearing it for about an hour a day. Your body has to get use to it and you can build up the amount of its usage over time.

- Know your skin type. If you find that you have dry or sensitive skin, consider wearing a thin shirt underneath your corset so your skin doesn't become irritated.

- Be patient. Waist training takes time and the results come slowly. Taking pictures over time will also help you to see the progression of your results.

Have you ever heard of corset training? Would you try it? Let us know with a note below!

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