Judy Condon Discusses Her Book "Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny" for Lasting Weight Loss

For everyone afraid to step on a scale, this author offers a big serving of tough love.

The first thing readers may notice about Judy Condon's new book Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny is the statement on its cover: "This ain't no diet book."

According to Condon, the word 'diet' implies a beginning and an end; meaning when you reach your target weight you are finished and can revert to your normal eating habits, however ill-advised they might be.

Condon's new tough-love message is her insistence that people wanting to lose weight must first get their minds in the right place. Condon maintains that we must hold ourselves accountable and see that "it's not my fault" is not getting it done. Facing the truth may not be easy, but Condon tells us that the truth can be used as motivation to succeed:

So Judy, what is the vital ingredient for us to understand in order to successfully reach our weight loss goals?
First, we must see that what we are doing isn't working. You're past excuses. You must never be defensive and justify your excess weight by blaming your genes, your busy life, stress, or your slow metabolism or thyroid. You can no longer deflect or minimize your excess weight by accepting yourself as 'plus-sized' or 'full figured.' You must be able to embrace the observations of others regarding your appearance. We need a little blunt language, and it can be painful. Only when you see a thing for what it really is are you then able to change it into something truly better. Successful weight loss often requires a lot of 'tough love.' Don't be afraid to use it.

Was there a turning point when you looked at yourself and said, 'My weight is totally out of control. I have to do something about it right now'?
I saw pictures of myself which were unsettling, and my diet was giving me intestinal problems. I also had esophageal issues and such extreme gastric reflux that it burned my vocal cords. I thought to myself, "I can't do this anymore." So I began to examine what I had been eating and discovered that the amount of fat I was consuming was causing major intestinal issues and made me very sick. I also discovered that once I eliminated processed carbs, I no longer needed medication.

Can you explain the book's Three-Part Program and how it produces weight loss?
During the first part of the program one eats only protein for seven days and reduces their fat consumption as much as possible. Acceptable proteins, include eggs and poultry, and certain lean red meats. Non-fat dairy products high in protein are also allowed. No sugar is permitted, but sugar substitutes are okay. Plenty of water, at least three 8-ounce glasses must be consumed. The book offers helpful tips, like what you should eat if you crave sweets. The first phase also suggests a little moderate exercise. The body's burning of protein actually assists in the burning of fat cells, so you get weight-and size-reduction from the protein meals in part one.

How much weight can one expect to lose during the first part?
From 2-to-10 pounds. The key is that there is no hunger during these seven days.

What happens during the second part?
You've jump started your weight loss by eating only protein during week one, but now you need to add some variety to your meals; so every third day you can eat all you want of certain vegetables, like lettuce, celery, green beans, peppers, onions and a few others. There are some forbidden vegetables, like carrots and corn, as these are high in sugar-and carb-content. Twenty-five minutes of daily exercise, such as walking, is recommended. During this phase of the program one can expect to lose 1-to-2 pounds per week.

The third part of the program is named "Celebrate You." What does this part consist of?
Now you've reached your weight goal, your menu opens up and offers more choices. The third part represents the basic template for eating you will use for the rest of your life. There is one critical rule: If you see the scale creep up, go back to part one of the program and eat only protein until the scale drops back to your ideal weight. It should be noted that by the time one reaches the Celebrate You stage, one's energy level should be at the top. All the little aches and pains, and even many of the bigger ones will vanish, as food intake becomes healthier as a result of following the program.

What other useful advice will readers find in the book?

There are many useful tips. For example, how to protect yourself from overeating at restaurants by slowing down and eating a salad prior to ordering an entrée; You might decide the salad was enough. If you do order an entrée, split it with someone at your table or take it home. And remember to begin each meal with a big glass of water.

Thanks Judy! "Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny" is available online for 17.95 at

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