Google Wants To Teach Millions Of Girls Programming
Google has launched Made With Code, a project that aims to teach millions of girls in the U.S. computer programming.
‘Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice’ News: Ben Affleck Explains Why He’s The Perfect ‘Batman’
Ben Affleck said he and Bruce Wayne share a similar trait when it comes to managing anger.
Official Plot Of ‘Avengers: Age Of Ultron’ Released
Disney has just released the official plot synopsis of "Avengers: Age of Ultron."
‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’ Creative Director Explains Game’s Lack Of French Accent
Alex Amancio, the creative director of Ubisoft’s upcoming “Assassin’s Creed Unity,” opened up regarding the lack of French accents in the game.
Construction Company Uses Video Game ‘Doom’ To Design Offices
The construction firm DIRTT uses the ICE engine from the 1993 game "Doom" to design rooms in a cost-efficient manner.
PayPal Criticizes Security Of Apple Pay In New Ad
Online payment service PayPal points out the security issues of Apple Pay by referencing the hacking of celebrities' iCloud accounts in a new ad.
AT&T Planning To Launch Software To Handle Customer Complaints
Telecom giant AT&T has developed a software system designed to analyze and transcribe calls from customers.
Guess Welcomes Apple To The Watch Industry Through Letter
Cindy Livingston, CEO of the fashion brand Guess Watches, wrote a letter to Apple head Tim Cook to welcome his company into the timepiece industry.
Apple Creates Tool To Delete U2 Album
Apple has launched a way for users to delete the free U2 album “Songs of Innocence” from their iTunes accounts.
General Motors To Use Nagging Technology On Drivers
General Motors plans to install cameras that monitor the attentiveness of drivers in all of its cars by 2016.
‘Minecraft’ Creator Says Goodbye Following Microsoft’s Acquisition Of Mojang
Shortly after Microsoft confirmed and announced that it will buy the game development studio Mojang for $2.5 million, “Minecraft” creator Markus “Notch” Persson posted a goodbye letter to his fans.
Two Girls Fight Sexism With Video Game Called ‘Tampon Run’
Two high school girls from New York created a PC video game called ‘Tampon Run’ in an effort to battle sexism.
Tim Cook Talks About Apple’s Plan For Its Own Television Set
Apple CEO Tim Cook opened up about the company’s plan to launch its own line of high-tech television sets during an appearance on the Charlie Rose show.
Tom Hardy Explains Why He Will Not Make Another Romantic Comedy Film
Tom Hardy said his experience working on "This Means War" made him decide that he will not do another romantic comedy film.
Nicholas Sparks Talks About Working On Television Program ‘Deliverance Creek’
"The Notebook" author Nicholas Sparks shares his experience working on his television debut "Deliverance Creek."
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