Google Wants To Teach Millions Of Girls Programming

Tech giant Google has started a project that aims to teach programming to millions of girls in America, Zee News reported.

The project, called Made With Code, was launched in June and will continue for the next three years. Google has allocated $50 million for the program.

According to Kate Parker, the spokesperson for Made With Code, the project was initiated to increase the number of women in the field of computer programming and other related subjects.

Hopefully, the project can become the solution to Silicon Valley's lack of gender diversity. Based on recent reports, only a third of employees in Google are women. This is the similar case for other major tech companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Apple, Tech Crunch has learned.

"Less than one percent of high school girls are interested in studying computer science," Parker explained. "This is the problem we are addressing."

In an effort to draw participants to the project, Made With Code will connect programming and computer science to the common interests of women.

For instance, in one of the project's upcoming events, the female participants will be taught how to use computer codes to 3D print fashion accessories or to compose instrumental pieces, according to Gadgets.

"We look to change the perception about programming," Parker said. "We hope that once the girls see all the incredible things computers can do, they develop an interest in the subject."

Made With Code's website also features videos of women who use programming in their chosen careers. These include professionals who use computer science to combat diseases, investigate crimes, develop video games and create special effects for films.

"The message we are trying to convey is that programming and computer technology is a naturally creative field and serves as a gateway to many industries and other diverse fields," Parker said.

"We want the girls to understand that basic knowledge of computers is necessary for anything they want to do when they grow up," she added.

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