PayPal Criticizes Security Of Apple Pay In New Ad

Online payment service PayPal has launched a new advertisement that questions the security of Apple's latest Pay system, according to Pando Daily.

During the unveiling of the iPhone 6, the Cupertino-based company revealed that its newest smartphone model can be used to settle payments just like credit cards.

By merging the iPhone 6's Touch ID fingerprint sensor and NFC technology, Apple was able to create a device that securely store credit card information. This can then be used to pay for products and services in establishments with point-of-sale terminals.

However, following the scandalous hacking of the iCloud accounts of female Hollywood celebrities, many users and tech experts alike started to question the online security of the company's services.

Of course, with the growing issue of data theft, people are left wondering how secure Apple Pay really is.

Taking off from consumers' worries, PayPal launched an ad that capitalized on Apple's flaw.

The ad occupied a full-page on the business section of the New York Times. The ad states that PayPal ensures the security of their online funds. It also took a jab at the stolen selfie photos of celebrities from their iCloud accounts, CNET reported.

"We the people want our money safer than our selfies," the ad read. "PayPal protecting the people economy."

The ad also encouraged people to download the PayPal app so they could "securely buy almost anything with just one touch."

Aside from the iCloud hack issue, PayPal also criticized Apple's sloppy live stream broadcast of the Sept. 9 launch event for the iPhone 6, according to Apple Insider.

Rob Skinner, PayPal's senior director of communication said that managing the online transactions of millions of users across the globe is significantly harder than maintaining the live streaming of an event.

"Nobody can dispute Apple's strong track record, but payments is a difficult area," Skinner commented. "It's much more difficult to do payments than to keep a live stream working!"  

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