Tim Cook Talks About Apple’s Plan For Its Own Television Set

Apple CEO Tim Cook opened up about the company's plan to launch its own line of high-tech television sets during an appearance on the Charlie Rose show, according to ZDNET.

For years, various tech experts and industry analysts have speculated that Apple is revving up for the development of its own television device. This of course, is different from the Apple TV, the small box-looking device that streams content from various sources to a television set.

But despite the expectation from the tech world, Apple has not yet announced that it is working on a TV device.

Cook confirmed that Apple is interested in expanding its line of products with the release of its own television, Daily Mail reported.

"TV is one that we continue to have great interest in," the executive explained. "I choose my words carefully there. TV is one of those things that, if we're really honest, it's stuck back in the seventies."

Based on Cook's statements, it seems the primary reason why Apple wants to have its own television is because today's models seem very outdated.

"Think about how much your life has changed, and all the things around you that has changed," he said. "And yet TV, when you go in your living room to watch the TV, or whether it might be, it almost feels like you're rewinding the clock and you've entered a time capsule and you're going backwards."

"The interface is terrible," he added. "I mean, it's awful."

Cook did not say that Apple will make a television in the future but noted that the company is more focused on its Apple TV device, according to The Guardian.

"I don't want to get into what we're doing in the future," he said. "We've taken stabs with Apple TV, and Apple TV now has over 20 [million] users, so it has far exceeded the hobby label that we placed on it."

"We've added more and more content to it this year, so there's increasingly more things that you can do on there," he added. "But this is an area we continue to look at."   

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