Capcom Wants Games To Hit 2 Million Sales Before Making Sequels
Capcom producer Yoshinori Ono revealed that the company has a strict operational method when it comes to developing sequels for its video games.
Lindsay Lohan Intensifies Lawsuit Against ‘Grand Theft Auto 5’ Maker
As part of the ongoing legal battle between Lindsay Lohan and Rockstar Games, the actress has fired back at the maker of “Grand Theft Auto 5.”
‘Destiny’ Daily Players Reach 3.2 Million A Month After Release
Development studio Bungie boasted that number of its daily “Destiny” players have reached about 3.2 million a month after the game’s release.
SnapChat Will Soon Feature Advertisements
SnapChat co-founder and CEO Evan Spiegel revealed that the popular photo messaging app will soon feature advertisements.
Woman Claims Her Tweets About JetBlue Airlines Got Her Ejected From Flight
Lisa Carter-Knight found herself kicked out of a JetBlue flight due to her series of tweets regarding its delay.
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Blasted After Saying Women Shouldn’t Ask For Pay Raise
Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella came under fire after telling his conference audience that women working in companies shouldn’t ask for an increase in their salaries from their bosses.
‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’ Creators Defend Game’s Resolution Issue
Key Ubisoft employees spoke out to clarify the resolution issue regarding “Assassin’s Creed Unity."
Game Developer Wants To Move Away From Numbering Future ‘Halo’ Games
Bonnie Ross, head of game development studio 343 Industries, said the company is planning to stop using numbers for future “Halo” sequels.
Activision: Panamanian Dictator Was Presented In A Fictional Light In ‘Call of Duty: Black Ops II’
In the latest installment of the legal battle between game developer Activision and Manuel Noriega, the studio fired back at the former dictator of Panama and stated that his lawsuit has no basis.
‘The Evil Within’ Runs At 30FPS, But PC Players Can Adjust The Setting
"The Evil Within" will run at 30 frames per second but PC players will have the option to adjust the game to a higher frame rate.
Game Director Reveals True Story Behind Kevin Spacey’s Democracy Speech In ‘Call of Duty: Advanced Warfighter’
Glen Schofield, co-founder of Sledgehammer Games and co-director of “Call of Duty: Advance Warfighter,” revealed the true story that inspired the speech given by Kevin Spacey’s character in the trailer for the game.
Oculus CEO: We’re Still At The Beginning of VR Tech
Brendan Iribe, the CEO of Oculus, believes that the world is just beginning to see what virtual reality can actually do.
‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’ Controls Might Frustrate Fans Of The Series
Vincent Pontbriand, the senior producer of “Assassin’s Creed Unity” warned fans of the “Assassin’s Creed” (AC) franchise that they might get frustrated with the controls of Ubisoft’s latest game.
Underwater Robot Designed To Detect Smuggled Drugs And Weapons
Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have created an underwater robot that can catch marine vessels attempting to smuggle drugs, firearms and other contraband items.
How Hackers Steal From ATMs
Researchers from the private tech firm Kaspersky Lab revealed how hackers are able to steal money from automated teller machines (ATMs).
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