Woman Claims Her Tweets About JetBlue Airlines Got Her Ejected From Flight

Lisa Carter-Knight found herself kicked out of a JetBlue flight due to her series of tweets regarding its delay, CBS Local reported.

According to Carter-Knight, she was supposed to travel from Philadelphia to Boston aboard the JetBlue flight 760. However, the plane was forced to remain grounded as the pilot was asked by admin officials to take a sobriety test.

Apparently, during the boarding stages of the flight, a different passenger tweeted, "I hope there is a fully stocked bar onboard."

The post, which was meant as a joke, was taken seriously by the pilot. He thought the passenger was accusing him of being drunk.

Soon after the delay of the flight was announced, Carter-Knight opened her Twitter account to tweet about it, according to Daily Mail.

"#JetBlue Major debacle on flight 760 in Philly - pilot accuses passengers of accusing him of being intoxicated demands all passenger back," she posted.

"Philly Boston flight 760 grounded due to unruly pilot - false accusations by pilot that his sobriety was questioned by passengers," she added.

After the issue with the pilot and the sobriety test was settled, the passengers were asked to return to the plane. Carter-Knight, however, was denied service by the staff members. She believes it was because of her tweets about the flight delay.

"JetBlue just denied me to board the aircraft due to my social media coverage of tonight's events," she posted. "The pilot and staff denied service to me."

Carter-Knight was infuriated at how she was treated by the airline. According to her, the situation reflects how JetBlue reacts to criticisms regarding its operations.

In response, a spokesperson from JetBlue explained that the company only removes passengers from flights if they are disruptive, Yahoo News reported.

"It is not our practice to remove a customer for expressing criticism of their experience in any medium," the representative said. "In this instance, the customer received a refund and chose to fly on another carrier."

"We will remove a customer if they are disruptive and the crew evaluates that there is a risk of escalation which could lead to an unsafe environment," the spokesperson added.

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