Meet Parisa Tabriz: Google’s Hacker And Security Princess

Parisa Tabriz is a professional hacker hired by Google to attack the company's own network, Telegraph reported.

The Polish-Iranian-American joined the tech giant in 2007. Inside the company, she is known as a white-hat hacker. Her main task is to hack into Google's Chrome network to identify its security flaws.

Through her work, she and her team are able to tweak the network's security features to prevent black-hat hackers, or the cyber attackers, from accessing it.

As the head of a team of about 30 tech experts, Tabriz was given the privilege of choosing her own professional title. Instead of going with Security Engineer, she chose Security Princess, which is printed on her business cards.

"I knew I'd have to hand out my card and I though Security Engineer sounded so boring," she said. "Guys in the industry all take it so seriously, so Security Princess felt suitably whimsical."

The Security Princess is only one of the few females on Google's list of employees. Based on the recent diversity report from the company, there are only 30 women out of every 100 employees in its workforce, according to NZ Herald.

"Fifty years ago, there were similar percentages of women in medicine and law, now thankfully that's shifted," she said. "Technology is one of the fast-growing fields, but in that respect it has a lot of catching up to do."

Tabriz, who was included in Forbes magazine's Top 30 Under 30 to Watch list, noted that she has never experienced sexism while working at Google.

She did, however, came across a few chauvinistic individuals when she was got the job while she was still in college, Georgian Newsday reported.

According to her, a male schoolmate told her, "You know you only got it [because] you're a girl."

"He said it to my face, but I'm sure a lot of others were thinking it," she said. "The jerks are the ones that tend to be the most insecure, but that didn't stop me worrying he might be right," she added.

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