Google To Employ About 200 Full-Time Security Guards

Google has announced that it plans to hire more than 200 security guards as either full-time or part-time employees of the company.

As formal employees and not contractors, these guards will be eligible to receive various benefits from the tech company, Wall Street Journal reported.

The decision was confirmed by a spokesperson from Google.

"Building an in-house security team is something we are excited to do," the representative said. "A year ago we in-sourced the Google security operations center and we are looking forward to making these valued positions both full and part-time Google employees."

Previously, Google's security personnel were provided by a contractor company known as Security Industry Specialists.

However, as contractors, these guards were not able to enjoy the full benefits of being regular employees.

This sparked protests at Google's facilities with labor groups aiming to persuade the tech giant to revise its employment policies.

In 2013, activists swarmed Google's Mountain View headquarters to protest the low pay and lack of incentives of the company's security guards, according to MV-Voice.

Aside from Google, Apple went through the same controversy when a group of 50 people blocked the company's San Francisco Union Square retail store. The protesters expressed their dissatisfaction to the poor job stability of Apple's service employees, CultofMac reported.

Shortly after Google's announcement was released, the company was praised by the Service Employees International Union, the labor group that organizes the security guards in Silicon Valley.

"For years, service workers have been urging the tech giants to support good jobs that give everyone a fair shot at a better way of life," a representative from the organization said. "Google's decision is a step in the right direction."

No confirmation has been made yet as to when Google will enact its latest policy. In the meantime, the company will continue working with Security Industry Specialists as it transitions to its own security staff.  

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