Four individuals have been arrested after they were found guilty of hacking into the networks of a number of tech companies as well as that of the U.S. military, Tech Times reported.

According to the charges, the hackers stole over $100 million worth of intellectual property. Those who have been arrested are Sanadodeh Nesheiwat, 28, David Pokora, 22, Austin Alcala, 18 and Nathan Leroux, 20.

The four were charged on April 23 of this year.

The companies victimized in the attack are Microsoft, Epic Games, Valve and Zombie Studios. Once hacking into the systems of the companies, the suspects stole unreleased software and copyrighted material.

As for the U.S. Army, U.S. Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell said the four were able to get their hands on the simulator software being developed by Zombie Studios for the military organization. The software was designed to train pilots to fly Boeing Apache attack helicopters, according to

"As the indictment charges, the members of this international hacking ring stole trade secret data used in high-tech American products, ranging from software that trains U.S. soldiers to fly Apache helicopters to Xbox games that entertain millions around the world," Caldwell said.

The U.S. Department of Justice revealed that the four suspects used SQL injection and accounts they had previously stolen to gain access to the networks of the victims, Gamasutra reported.

Although the hackers stole confidential information from the companies, authorities noted that details of sensitive customer data were not included in the cyber theft.

Apart from the four, Dylan Wheeler, also known as the hacker SuperDaE from Australia, was also convicted for his involvement in the cyber attack. According to reports, he was able to acquire a fake Xbox One development kit console and attempted to sell it in the Pacific islands of Seychelles.

The transaction between the two parties was intercepted by the Federal Bureau of Investigations