Game producer David Sirland admitted that development studio DICE may have lost the trust of gamers due to the faulty release of "Battlefield 4," Game Spot reported.

During the launch of the fourth installment of the "Battlefield" franchise in October of last year, players complained about the numerous glitches that plagued the game.

One of the major problems they encountered was being locked out of their accounts and the game itself.

"I can absolutely say that we lost [player] trust in the game's launch and the early parts of the year," Sirland said. "We still have a lot of players who won't trust us to deliver a stable launch or a stable game. I don't want to say anything because I want to do."

"I want them to look at what we're doing and what we are going to do and that would be my answer," he said. "I think we have to do things to get them to trust us, not say things to get them to trust us. Show by doing."

In order to gain back the trust of gamers, Sirland said DICE has incorporated new methods in its operations. This includes letting players test out the company's upcoming games while they are still in the development stages, according to Cinema Blend.

"I am certain that [Battlefield 4's troubled launch] won't be repeated because we've changed the way we work," he said.

"It's just a giant project, any 'Battlefield' game is a giant project," Sirland continued. "And the more input you can get early, the better, and the more you can be open to changes you're making or ideas you have, the better. Because our community is much smarter than we probably give them credit for."

Right now, DICE is preparing for the release of "Battlefield Hardline."

According to Ian Milham, the game's creative director, he and his team are making sure that "Hardline" won't have the same problems as "Battlefield 4" on launch day by subjecting it to tests for different platforms, Hardcore Gamer reported.

"We already had one very successful beta, we're going to have another beta on every platform we ship on," Milham said. "We take shipping a working game pretty seriously. So, yes, the game will work."