Saoirse Ronan Makes The Cover Of Vogue


Saoirse Ronan is gracing the cover of Vogue for the August issue, where she discussed a range of topics from her celebrity status to being a child actress, and everything in between.

Ronan started acting at a young age, particularly when she was 9, the time when most kids just worry about what to play with the next day. For this Irish actress, acting seemed to have come naturally, proven by the numerous nominations and nods given by award-winning bodies to her numerous works.

Fame Status

At 24, Ronan is downplaying her status, rather she's still has her foot firmly on the ground. She said in her interview that she still gets surprised whenever someone recognizes her and asks for a photo with her, saying she was not at all "famous," unlike Selena Gomez, whom she deems as the real famous thespian.

Her thought on the concept of celebrity status is reflected in other aspects of her life. Take for example how she sees to it that she doesn't let her image get to her. Instead of indulging and being paranoid on news and gossips about her, Ronan said she dedicates her free time on cooking, going to movies, or hearing live music, something usual and ordinary for any person.

"I just get so anxious whenever I watch anything that I'm in. I'm fine with the way I look now," Ronan explained.

At 13, she already had an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Briony Tallis in the highly acclaimed film Atonement. Last year's Lady Bird is nothing unexpected of Ronan, as she had yet again delivered her stellar performance in the coming-of-age film.

On Acting

Ronan certainly knows the ropes in working in front of the camera. She said acting, which has been largely part of her life, is "very intimate," and added that there are times when she feels "it's just you and the lens."

While she felt that way about her work, marking her name in the industry definitely stole some time off her life. Ronan admitted that being committed to a work meant no other things can be done, except the current project she took. This also entails saying no to meetings and setting aside a book that was supposed to be read.

Fortunately, Ronan said she had no experience of exploitation in the industry during her teenage years. However, she did cite one uncomfortable instance where she had to do a scene aiming to please the director because she was still young back then. Thankfully, her mom, whom she referred to as her "proper protector," was always there to guide her.

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