Moon Juice Taps Into The Skin Care Market With The New Beauty Shroom Line

Moon Juice, which has been known for its natural wellness tonics, is tapping on the skincare game as it launches its shroom line.

The brand's famous products involve dusts and concoctions that aim to give one a boost in sex drive and to alleviate stress. All the products are created with everything natural, specifically plants, and rely on the natural healing capacity of these things. Of late, Amanda Chantal Bacon, the founder of the company, is dipping her toes in the forever-hit skincare department with a line called Beauty Shroom.

Bacon admitted that she belonged to the group who didn't adhere to any skincare routine. However, she started noticing that her "clean diet, a bar of soap, and youth" weren't enough to combat some facial changes.

That's the time she noticed lines and bigger pores on her face, but it wasn't totally a panic moment for the Moon Juice founder, who have come to realize that it was the skin needing some attention, much like any other organs in the body.

"I started to have that feeling that this doesn't feel good, and I don't know what to do anymore," Bacon shared.

This prompted her to resort to some of the skincare products in the market, like Biologique Recherche's P50, which Bacon said did wonders for her skin. The product is a fan-favorite for what it delivers, pretty much everything it promises.

For the entrepreneur, this wasn't enough to get her seal of approval after she found out that the item has phenol, a big no-no for the champion of plant-based alchemy. So she created her very own skincare products under Moon Juice.

Beauty Shroom Products

Beauty Shroom, which will be released on June 19, puts to good use mushrooms and herbs, oftentimes used in the old but trusted Ayurvedic healing. The first from the skincare line is Exfoliating Acid Potion, arriving in August, and is a contender for the P50.

For $39, this mix has 25 percent acids as well as reishi, Vitamin B3, and tocotrienols for maximum hydration. Of course, this Beauty Shroom product doesn't have the irritant phenol.

The second product from Moon Juice's Beauty Shroom is the Plumping Jelly Serum, which will be sold for $58. The gel has the known hydrating element hyaluronic acid and a wonder ingredient, silver ear mushroom, which Bacon said might be the next big thing in providing the ultimate moisture.

The last one is the Vegan Collagen Protection, an ingestible powder that can be dissolved in coffees and smoothies. This promises internal work that will give the skin the extra glow and radiance from within.

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