Nordic Diet Is Named Healthiest Way Of Eating: What Is It?


The Nordic Diet is certainly making buzz lately, and it is pretty much like the more known Mediterranean Diet. But why is the former gaining popularity nowadays?

For those who haven't heard of the Nordic Diet, it's basically the same with the famous Mediterranean meal plan but that the former has been touted as the healthiest way of eating among the rest. Knowing how the two differ should start in their names.

It's important to understand the context behind the Nordic Diet's name. It is aptly called because most of the food to eat while under this program is commonly found in Sweden, Iceland, Norway, Denmark, or Finland.

Another difference between Mediterranean and Nordic Diet is that the former suggests the use of olive oil while the latter focuses on canola oil. Experts prove that canola oil works better than olive oil at reducing bad cholesterol.

"Canola oil can help to reduce 'bad' LDL cholesterol and your risk of heart disease and stroke," Massachusetts-based dietician Ryan Maciel said.

Meanwhile, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' Lauri Wright contends that unlike olive oil, canola oil doesn't have antioxidants, but pointed out that both promote a healthy heart.

Nordic diet, which is based on the Finnish Heart Association, the University of Eastern Finland, and the Finnish Diabetes Association's Baltic Sea Diet Pyramid, is all about staying away from processed food and high-fat meats.

What people can eat are vegetables, such as cabbage; fruits, such as apples and berries; and whole grains. Add to that fatty fish such as salmon, as well as lean ones such as haddock.


Both Nordic and Mediterranean diets are packed with health benefits and could present major changes in one's overall health. The World Health Organization said that the two could help reduce chances of diabetes and cancer.

Moreover, Nordic and Mediterranean diets are said to help control cholesterol levels and prevent cardiovascular diseases. More importantly, these boasts maximum heart benefits.


The Nordic Diet is an effective way to shed some weight, though of course, food portions must be taken into consideration. After all, whole grains and leafy vegetables are filled with fiber which will let off a fuller feeling.

That's not all, eating the Nordic way also helps save the environment. If people would opt to eat food from the natural resources, there would be a lesser need for factories that are used to produce processed food such as hotdogs.

So adhering to the Nordic Diet doesn't only benefit the health, it will also help save Mother Earth.

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