Looking for nutritional advice? Consider these tips from Sarah Flower, courtesy of Beauty4Media. Sarah Flower is a nutritionist and author of 15 books, but she does not agree with the fad diets and quick fixes!  

Its that time of year when everyone wants to lose weight and reinvent themselves.  We are being inundated with advice on low carb, high protein, high or low fat, low calorie and to avoid sugar.  Is it any wonder we are all confused?  

"As a nutritionist, I can of course offer clients strict diet regimes, but I have found that providing good food education and individual plans with achievable solutions gives far better results for long-term success," Flower said. "I spend time listening to the clients needs, emotions and why they feel they struggle to lose weight."   

Sarah finds it incredibly frustrating when clients are more concerned about weight-loss then they are about their overall health.  "They become fixated with the calorie count of an item rather than the nutrient content," she explained.

"Diets should be healthy, but sadly most fad diets are anything but. I strongly believe that opting for a balanced, home-cooked diet rich in fruit, vegetables and wholegrains will not only improve your health but will also result in weight loss."

We all understand that we have to burn off more calories than we consume in order to lose weight but calories are not equal.  "A portion of my nutrient rich chicken curry is 340 calories.  A 100g potion of jelly babies also has 340 calories. 

The jelly babies would satisfy a craving but they have no nutrient value at all," Flower explained. "They would spike your blood sugar levels and within an hour you would be feeling low and still hungry," Flower said.  

"The curry on the other hand is packed with protein and antioxidant-rich vegetables. Protein and fiber help to slow the digestion down. Remember, your body uses energy to break down the food, so the harder it is to break down (slower the digestion) the more calories it burns," the nutritionist said. 

"Protein will also keep you fuller for longer. This fiber rich meal will help keep your digestive tract in tiptop order and will provide you with enough slow release energy to see you through several hours of hard work."

More from this nutritional expert tomorrow!