Bath And Body Works Has 2 New Mermaid-Inspired Skin Care Collections

Calling all fans of Bath & Body Works! The company is going to release two mermaid-themed skin care collections that Ariel might probably approve of.

The collections based on the aquatic theme are certainly suitable for the summer, and Bath & Body Works knows its clients too well. The first collection is called a "Sea-Tox," which will consist of 10 products that will ultimately leave skin feeling fresh, thanks to the ingredients naturally found under the sea.

The Sea-Tox collection has mist, mask, body cream, and a shimmer gel perfect for that summer look by the beach. The packaging of this line is one to adore as well and will leave anyone feeling like the mythical beautiful creature.

The second Bath & Body Works collection is called "Water." This is the first time the brand has opted to include the hyaluronic acid in their products, an ingredient which stimulates the skin's water retention. The chemical has been a staple in other brands' products that promise extreme hydration.

That said, Bath & Body Works' Water collection is suitable for those who want their skin feeling plump and hydrated during the summer heat. There are eight products for the face and body in this line, perfect for everyone as PopSugar noted it is a unisex collection.

The recent collection of Bath & Body Works totally is a nod to the trend of all-things mermaid. The company isn't clueless in releasing these products, considering how viral mermaid things have become, from nail art to slime to outfits.

Unicorn-inspired Products

However, this isn't the first time Bath & Body Works had jumped into the bandwagon. In February this year, the famous mall brand tapped into a trending fascination on unicorn as well and incorporated this into their products.

That's not all, the package comes in an adorable and colorful box that has "Unicorn Trainer" written on it. Inside, there are glittery bath bombs with different scents in a shape of a unicorn. That said, it's only a matter of time before the mermaid-inspired products came to life.


Some of the mermaid-themed Bath & Body Products also found their way through the Mother's Day tote that was perfect for the holiday. The stylish bags were filled with face masks, bath bombs, lotions, and many more for the ultimate relaxation of moms.

That was the first glimpse of the mermaid-themed products from Bath & Body Works, and pretty sure those who got a sneak peek of the products weren't disappointed at all.

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