The environment and mental stress have been found as the effect of the damage on the skin. There are many natural substances that can be toxic to the skin, resulting in the poor skin health. While skin is the outermost protector of our body, such as from penetration, body dryness, sun radiation and many others, it also needs protection to keep its function working fully.

Environmental pollutions including air pollution, are one of the major causes of skin aging. Internal aggressions, such as from metabolism issues, are also affecting the skin, making it less immune thus cannot protect the body properly. That is why anti-pollution and anti-stress skin products are now showing up in the skincare market to fulfill the needs for skin protector actives.

A french cosmetics company focusing on natural plants-based products, Alban Muller, has launched a skin active called Preparami that fight against environmental stress. The product protects skins from various types of stress whether it is directly experienced by the skin such as sun exposures, air pollutions, whether changing, etc. to metabolism causes that affect the skin like exhaustion and mental stress, according to Beauty Premium News.

Preparami works by preparing the skins to react against the external stress by including chaperone proteins that contain a faster Heat Shock Proteins (HSP) in the formula. The Alban Muller product also repairs the damage on the epidermis as well as to prevent skin aging caused by the stress and aggressions

The skin active is a natural product, made from the purified extract of prickly pear in jojoba oil and has been tested in two media. The high-tech active was tested via in vitro test (HSP stimulation in stress conditions) and an ex vivo test (stimulation of skin repairing factors).

Preparami is claimed to be used in various applications, including as a day cream, a foundation, anti-aging skincare, and sun protector. The Alban Muller skin active ingredients are jojoba seed oil and Opuntia Ficus Indica Extract.

Watch how the skin active product is produced as a natural plant-based skincare: