What started with the Egyptians long ago as an alternative skin care treatment for women, is now, years later, one of the main ingredients used to make a new line of skin care products that promises smooth and glowing skin.

It was only known as a black solid substance from burned trees, but when processed and compounded with another ingredient, charcoal becomes an effective beauty regimen.

A series of studies show that many beauty brands have again introduced and used this carbon as part of their new line of skin care.

GlamGlow started the new trend with the introduction of the SuperMud Clearing Treatment that effectively cures all form of breakouts and blackheads.

The brand, Erborian, on the other hand, used this ingredient to produce the Black Cleansing Oil, effective for removing dirt from your face without eliminating the skin's natural oil. This idea came from most Korean steam rooms that use charcoal in their ceiling to purify the air. It is on this premise that their founder, Katalin Bereny developed a whole line of this charcoal-infused skin care products to help women achieve that natural glowing skin.

Another beauty brand joining the bandwagon, proving charcoal is good for the skin is Skin Owl. This US based brand's founder, Annie Tevelin can personally attest to its affectivity, as she spoke about it in Telegraph, saying "The first product that started healing my own acne was a charcoal soap bar." She further explained,"It started healing my skin overnight, which was incredible based on how many other cleansers I tried." And from that comes the birth of the brand's Charcoal Beauty Bar that helps cleanse and exfoliate skin and give it a smooth finish.

With charcoal being on the hot seat, it will not be a surprise that in no time, more products will launch their own take on this ingredient.