'The Leftovers' Star Justin Theroux Nominates Fiancée of Two Years Jennifer Aniston To Do Ice Bucket Challenge Since 'She's Not Here To See Me Do' The ALS Dare [WATCH VIDEO]

Justin Theroux is one of the latest Hollywood celebrities to take on the viral ice bucket challenge for Lou Gehrig's disease awareness. And in hopes of spreading the campaign, he has nominated his fiancée of two years, "Friends" alumna Jennifer Aniston, Us Weekly has learned.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge doesn't end after one has accomplished the dare, he or she must nominate someone else to do the challenge to help spread the good cause of the trendy advocacy campaign. And lucky for Jennifer Aniston, the person who gets to nominate her is no other than her longtime boyfriend and fiancé, Justin Theroux.

On Saturday, Aug. 23, "The Leftovers" actor accepted the challenge after getting nominated by Jason Bateman.

In his ice bucket challenge video, Theroux could be seen wearing a tight navy T-shirt, which he matched with a pair of jeans.

"I'm Justin Theroux and I accept the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on behalf of Damon Lindelof and Jason Bateman," he said at the start of the video, according to Daily Mail.

A friend, who offered to assist Theroux, could also be seen splashing the hunky actor with ice cold water from behind.

The video was reportedly posted by Kimmel on Instagram a couple of minutes later.

Prior to completing the task, Theroux announced the people he is nominating do the challenge next.

"I would like to challenge members of the Lab[yrinth] Theater Company in New York," the 43-year-old actor said, adding, "...David Lynch and because she's not here to see me do this -- Miss Jennifer Aniston."

After the challenge, the HBO actor admitted that he could barely speak because it was really so cold. "Right now is the worst part of that whole experience," he quipped.

Watch Justin Theroux's ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video below:

Other stars who accepted the challenge this week include: Olivia Wilde, Jason Sudeikis, Susan Sarandon, Chris Martin, Tom Hanks, and Harry Styles, among others, noted E! News.

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