Twitter's most followed person Katy Perry took to Instagram on Aug. 20 to share a video of her doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

A day before Perry accepted the challenge, her South Korean counterpart Choi Siwon with 4.19 million Twitter followers already took to Instagram to share a video of his version of the challenge. 

The "Dark Horse" singer with 55 million Twitter followers and 7 million Instagram followers chose to nominate only Madonna to follow suit.

"Thank you @thestevetisch @aw & @hellogiggles for nominating me for the ALS #theicebucketchallenge I now nominate @madonna (ALSO SORRY THIS IS SO LOUD & ANNOYING)," she wrote Perry.

On the other hand, in the video posted on Donghae's Instagram account, he and Choi could be seen doing the challenge together.

Choi then nominated his Super Junior bandmates Donghae with 4.06 million Twitter followers and 1.5 million Instagram followers and Eunhyuk with 2.47 million Twitter followers and 474,000 Instagram followers.

It was Korean-American K-pop ballad singer Tim Hwang who nominated Choi, who currently has 351,867 Instagram followers since he opened his account on Aug. 2.

"Alright. ALS "Ice Bucket" challenge accepted. Now it's time for us in Korea to get the word out and help cause awareness about ALS here as well," Hwang wrote on his Facebook account where he posted his Ice Bucket Challenge video.

Aside from Choi, Hwang also nominated Sean Ro and Brian Joo urging them to "answer the call" and "be the ones to pass the torch to the Korean public" about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, which aims to raise awareness about Lou Gehrig's disease and money for the ALS Association.

Other K-pop artists who took part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge are Amber Liu of f(x) accepting Eric Nam's nomination and EXO's leader Suho, who was nominated by ZE:A's Kwanghee.

With the participation of not only of Hollywood celebrities but also of Asian stars, the campaign has raised over $41.8 million from July 29 to Aug. 21, which is significantly higher than $2.1 million raised during the same period in 2013, U.S. News reported.