'The Vampire Diaries' Season 6 Spoilers Preview Damon and Bonnie's Return While Stefan and Elena Grieve with Caroline in a 'Surprising" Way as Enzo Wreaks Havoc in Mystic Falls as Premiere Date Nears


Even though we totally love the summer we can't say we aren't looking forward to fall when "The Vampire Diaries" season 6 premieres on the CW.

While we are still mourning over the death of Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder), we are anxious to see how Stefan (Paul Wesley), Elena (Nina Dobrev), Caroline (Candice Accola) and the rest of the characters are dealing with the loss when season 6 kicks off with a four-month time jump.

According to E! News, executive producer Julie Plec dished some spoilers at the CW's Summer TCA Party, where she revealed that "the ensemble trying to find their way back to each other, trying to get back their grief, start over, move on and get their home back ultimately."

When asked if Somerhalder and Graham would be returning to the series Plec said, "You'll see enough of them to make you happy and more as it goes along. They are by no means going to be off the air for six episodes."

She added, "The mystery is where are they, what happened, are they dead, not dead, and what the hell are they going to do together, those two of all people?"

Speaking of two people, Stefan and Elena will handle their grief very differently, Plec said, "It's surprising, only in that it's not instantly what you'd expect."

She teased, "They're both grieving, but they're both coping with their grief in very specific and not necessarily conventional ways." Julie Plec dished that Stefan method "particularly is surprising."

His tactics may cause his relationship with Caroline to suffer. Julie Plecc revealed, "They are going to have a lot to do to work on their friendship in the beginning of the year," adding, "We'll see if that goes anywhere."

We will also be welcoming back a familiar face, Alaric who was recently resurrected and will be adjusting to being alive again.

The executive producer said that "it's so great" to have Matt Davis back and revealed that his character is "still a vampire, he's not evil anymore, so what the hell is he going to do with his life?"

And now that actor Michael Malarkey has been bumped to a series regular portraying the role of Enzo we can expect a whole lot of trouble in Mystic Falls.

Plec confessed, "He's going to bring a little bit of the fun and a little bit of the naughty," adding, "He reminds me a lot of season one Damon in that any given moment you can't tell if he's going to make a joke or kill somebody."

"The Vampire Diaries" season 6 will premiere Thursday, October 2nd, on the CW.

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