Beauties Beware: Actress Countess Vaughn Warns About The Dangers of Lacefront Wigs & Weaves On The Doctors
Actress Countess Vaughn has been a Hollywood performer since she was a child. Taking on many different characters and personas, the talented beauty be came used to changing her look often to suit different roles. In. Recent appearance on the Doctors, Vaughn shared the trauma and struggle she has gon...
Throwback Thursday: Classic Beauty, Cher
This week, we honor classic beauty, Cher. In honor of the Grammys this past weekend, we decided to pay homage to a legendary diva this week. Cher is the epitome of music and Hollywood royalty. Her career has spanned well over four decades and continues to prosper. Now at age 67, this internationa...
Top 10 Makeup In A Music Video Moments Countdown: #4
This week we highlight another music video that serves up some colorful hair moments. We've reached the halfway point of our music video countdown, so if you've missed any of these eye-catching songs, check them our here: #10, #9, #8, #7, #6, #5. The countdown rolls on! #4 - Crush on You by Lil K...
Out Now: Christie Brinkley's Hair2Wear Wig Collection
The word is out on Christie Brinkley's new Hair2Wear Wig Collection! The blue-eyed, bouncy haired supermodel may have sold everything from Diet Coke to face lotion in the past, but she has made a serious mane move. Click through the slideshow to see the beauty model and a few creations from her rang...
Celebrity Beauty Buzz EXCLUSIVE: Wendy Williams, Beloved Talk Show Host, Actress, Author and Wig Extraordinaire, Talks New Hair World Collection and More
Fans of cutting-edge coifs, edgy extensions and wondrous wigs have had only one name on their lips these last few years: Wendy Williams. Check out the slideshow for exclusive photos, and more dish from the fabulous Wendy on her new line.
Wendy Williams Debuts Wig Collection
Wendy Williams is wigging out! The talk show host and "how you doing" TV personality is taking her hair obsession to new lengths so hold on to your hairlines, beauty junkies.


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