Beauties Beware: Actress Countess Vaughn Warns About The Dangers of Lacefront Wigs & Weaves On The Doctors

Actress Countess Vaughn has been a Hollywood performer since she was a child. Taking on many different characters and personas, the talented beauty became used to changing her look often to suit different roles. In a recent appearance on The Doctors, Vaughn shared the trauma and struggle she has gone through as a result of the lacefronts she began wearing a few years ago.

After a hairstylist introduced Vaughn to lacefronts, the actress said began wearing them all the time. Lacefront are hairlines that are often glued or taped to the perimeter of the hair to give the illusion that the extensions or weave being worn is growing directly from the follicle. In her interview, Vaughn explained that she began wearing lacefronts on 2004 and fell in love with them. Five years in, however, the actress began to have an adverse reaction to them.

"The red flag was the oozing from my ears, from my forehead, the whole nape around my head. The puss, that horrible smell, it was painful," an emotional Vaughn explained. Despite the pain and the obvious problem, the star said she was still in denial and didn't want to believe her hair was the culprit. "I let it go by for six months," she told the cameras.

As a result, Vaughn now has significant hair loss around the perimeter of her hairline and also has discoloration she must disguise with makeup. Experts on The Doctors explained Vaughn clearly had a bad reaction to the glue being used to adhere the lacefronts to her hair. Vaughn agreed, adding that she even lost some of the skin from her ears as a result.

"I was embarrassed, you have to be at home, and be bald," Countess said while holding back tears. "I had to go through this to teach my little one that you have to love yourself before anyone else will." Luckily experts on the show offered Vaughn some optimistic ways to treat her hair loss. 

Watch the clip from the show below and let us know what you think.

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