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Celebrity Beauty Buzz EXCLUSIVE: Wendy Williams, Beloved Talk Show Host, Actress, Author and Wig Extraordinaire, Talks New Hair World Collection and More

ByClarissa Hamlin
Aug 16, 2013 08:33 PM EDT

Fans of cutting-edge coifs, edgy extensions and wondrous wigs have had only one name on their lips these last few years: Wendy Williams. Check out the slideshow for exclusive photos, and more dish from the fabulous Wendy on her new line. 

The beloved but equally as fierce TV personality is introducing her new Wendy Williams Hair World Collection to the masses. And in anticipation of the line's debut on Sept. 1, Wendy gave us a  Beauty World News exclusive sneak peek on Tuesday.

By the numbers, there are 40 synthetic and human hair wig styles, priced from $49 to $1000. The collection also includes five unique weave styles ranging from $39 to $149. The line features six hairpieces from $29 to $49, five headbands from $39 to $49, one special clip extension, and a wide variety of haircare products.

Simply put, the line is amazing, with something for everyone. The look and feel of the hair is rich with fine textures, sleek strands, and offered in everything from lush long lengths to super short tresses. Women are encouraged to experiment up and down the line from the cropped cuts to luscious waves, fulfilling everything from their ombre obsessions to natural hair tastes. 

And Wendy, a self-proclaimed wigologist, supports wig experimentation with a "You Go Girl!" attitude. 

Wendy opened up about her wig journey. Diagnosed with a thyroid condition causing thinning hair 12 years ago, Wendy has embraced the different styles as a complement to her beauty.

"When you put a wig on, you have to be fierce," she joked with such openness, humor, and honesty. "We need to understand that wigs and hairpieces can enhance our natural look or offer us a new and exciting hair style, just like other beauty products that we so often turn to," she added.

After our interview, I got the awesome chance to try on the "Monica" wig, a synthetic lace front dream with cascading curls. Boy, did I feel beautiful and glamorous, with Wendy and her stylist Antwon Jackson cheering me on! 

Catch the collection in collabo with Specialty Commerce Corp. on Sept. 1 at and

Will you be checking for Wendy's fabulous new wig line? Let us know in the comments below!        

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