The 'Art' Of The Selfie: Are Millennials Getting Plastic Surgery To Look Better In Social Media Pics?
Taking selfies can become a daily habit for the typical millennial but capturing that perfect snap might require more than just the right camera angle...
How To Take A Selfie: Perfect365 App Offers 6 Tips for Flawless Summer Selfies Part 2
Selfies don't seem to be a fad at this point. If you're on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you know they're pretty much here to stay. Some of us have mastered how to take a great selfie, leaving the rest of us to liek their pics with envy. How do they do it!? How do they get their pictures perfe...
How To Take A Selfie: Perfect365 App Offers 6 Tips for Flawless Summer Selfies
If you're gonna be on any form of social media, you already know that taking a great selfie is a must. The selfie is essential! Yes, it may be a little self-indulgent, and some people can take it a little too far, but if done right, a great selfie can share what a great day you're having, reveal ...
'Selfie' Culture of Social Media Helping To Increase The Number of Women Getting Plastic Surgery
So we've given you tips on how to take the best selfie, but new research warns these innocent little pictures could be doing more harm than good. Many Psychology experts believe the art of the selfie is way more than just a photograph. These fun-filled posts have the power to do one of two things...
Redefining The Selfie: Dove Creates New Campaign To Change The Face of Beauty
To illustrate how beauty is being redefined and to mark the tenth anniversary of the 'Campaign for Real Beauty', Dove has partnered with Sundance Institute and Academy Award-winning filmmaker Cynthia Wade on a documentary short film Selfie. Dove is committed to creating a world where beauty is a sou...
7 Tips for Taking the Best Selfie
If you've ever uttered the phrase "I'm not photogenic," guess what, you're wrong! In a world of endless social media, who hasn't snapped a pic and wished it came out ten times better. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, and every social site in between, nail your selfies using these 7 tips for p...


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