If you're gonna be on any form of social media, you already know that taking a great selfie is a must.

The selfie is essential! Yes, it may be a little self-indulgent, and some people can take it a little too far, but if done right, a great selfie can share what a great day you're having, reveal some of your fun summer vaycay, how fabulous your friends are, or how you're feeling at the moment.

The experts at Perfect365, an award-winning and free makeover app, have pulled together some tips to make sure your summer selfies are picture-perfect.

If you haven't tried Perfect365, what are you waiting for? The app is a selfie lifesaver!

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Wanna take a great selfie? Caroline Tien-Spalding, Perfect365's in-house professional photographer has a few expert tips.

"Pay attention to the lighting," the photog said. "Harsh lighting can give your skin a strange hue or cast shadows that change the shape of your face, so pay attention."

"When you're indoors, turn off your camera's flash to avoid looking washed out," she advised. "When you're outdoors, look for a spot with natural lighting."

And remember, the sunset is your best friend! "The hour or two before sunset is the best time to take outdoor photos because it provides the softest outdoor lighting," Spalding advised.

Look out for more key selfie tips from Caroline tomorrow along with our favortie celeb selfies!