Check out a few cool tips to keep in mind after you come in from a great day in the summer sun, only to find endless road maps of tan lines all over your arms, shoulders and legs.

1. Show a Little Skin.  Think before you tan! Tube tops, crop tops, bandeau's, shorts, and skirts are all great and fashionable ways to keep cool and avoid awkward tan lines. Be sure to apply SPF to protect against harmful UV rays from the sun about 30 minutes before heading out, and you will be all set to enjoy a tan line free tan that's even and requires no beauty product repairs.

2. Foundation. When in doubt, blend it out. Foundation is a quick and easy solution to tan lines that need a cover-up plan stat. Simply dab onto both the tan line and nearby tan areas and blend, blend, blend. If using a creamy liquid foundation, make sure to set the makeup with powder so it stays in place and avoid your makeup running. A cotton ball works great for makeup application here.

3. Take Things Slow. Once the tan line damage is done, opt to slowly build a tan using spray or self tanner. In about a week's time, you can successfully cover up annoying tan lines with an even bronzed tone that looks as sun kissed as the real thing.  Major tips to keep in mind for this option are to apply your tanner evenly over skin and to blend. Also avoid lotions and oils when using a self tanner, as these can create the added problem of blotches and streaks. Wash hands after using as well so they don't stain.

4. Baking Soda & Lemons. The key to this tip is exfoliation. Whether you choose this DIY exfoliant or go for a store-bought brand, the idea here is to simply slough away the top layer of dead skin cells you have tanned, to help reveal new, less tanned skin cells below. The difference is going to be subtle, but this can help fade very stark contrasting tan lines that scream to everyone you forgot to go strapless. Simply soak skin in the bathtub with mixture which can help to lighten skin and harsh tan lines.

5. Even Things Out. What better reason to bask in a little additional sun bathing at the beach? If tan lines are easy to shade spots, simply apply additional sunscreen to already tanned skin, and lay out for abit more to even out your tan overall. Of all the different ways to reduce or get rid of pesky tan lines, this one is the easiest and least labor intensive solution. Poor you, it looks like you'll just have to keep enjoying the great summer weather just a tad bit longer.

How do you tackle your tan lines? Let us know in the comments section below.