How To Take A Selfie: Perfect365 App Offers 6 Tips for Flawless Summer Selfies
If you're gonna be on any form of social media, you already know that taking a great selfie is a must. The selfie is essential! Yes, it may be a little self-indulgent, and some people can take it a little too far, but if done right, a great selfie can share what a great day you're having, reveal ...
Thigh Gap Trend: New CoolSculpting Procedure Helping Women Achieve Look
Photoshop has become a great way for the selfie lover to get rid of those areas they'd like to camoflauge. Ever since Kim K and Beyonce reportedly used Photoshiop apps to create slimmer silhouettes and thigh gaps, the trend has become even more popular. Now, CoolSculpting, the latest plastic surg...
Target Comes Under Fire For Botched Photoshop Photos Of Model Tanya Marie Keller
OK, something isn't right here. Target is under fire for a freakishly unusual image of a model that was photoshopped into oblivion. From chunks of thigh that were noticeably not where they would normally be, to shrunken crotches, and super elongated arms, the images of these over-edited models...
The Power of Photoshop: Video Reveals Extreme Changes To Model Images
Ever look at a magazine and see an image of a model or celebrity that looks completely flawless? Well before you think the secret to this visual perfection is simply good genes, designer duds, and luxury beauty items, think again. GlobalDemocracy recently debuted a startling video as part of thei...


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