The Power of Photoshop: Video Reveals Extreme Changes To Model Images

Ever look at a magazine and see an image of a model or celebrity that looks completely flawless? Well before you think the secret to this visual perfection is simply good genes, designer duds, and luxury beauty items, think again.

GlobalDemocracy recently debuted a startling video as part of their campaign to get publications to use disclaimers if their imagery has been subject to Photoshop. The video shows what really goes on behind the scenes at a photo shoot, with shocking before and after results.

In the video, a model is shown arriving to set without any hair and makeup done. She, of course, gets done up with hair extensions, concealer, and the usual glam of foundation, lipstick, and eyeshadows, but it's after the model's pictures are taken and the shoot ends, that the real transformation begins.

The model's images are practically unrecognizable after their put through the Photoshop ringer. From the shape of her face, the length of her torso, legs, shoulders, width of her calves, bust, skin complexion, along with the size of her eyes, lips, and nose, practicially everything is altered. The process is speeded up in the video to show just how different the before and after images are in comparison, proving the real source of this unattainable beauty lies in the click of a mouse.

It's no secret these images can trigger serious self-image issues for young girls and women who see them in magazines, on Television and online. Even supermodels, like Victoria Secret angel Erin Heatherton admit to the smoke and mirrors they help to create.

"Healthy body image is not something that you're going to learn from fashion magazines... retouching is an essential part of our job," the model told "We're not selling reality; we're selling a story. It's all about creating this fantasy."

But is it that easy to tell fantasy from reality? Check out the jaw-dropping transformation below and let us know your reactions with a comment.

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