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What Do Experts Say About Rhinoplasty Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
Rhinoplasty Amid COVID-19: Is It Safe?
Cosmetic surgeons revealed their thoughts regarding the sudden rise of rhinoplasty despite the health crisis.
African-American Nose Jobs: Plastic Surgeon Releases Book On Ethnic Rhinoplasty Procedures
Top New York City plastic surgeon, Dr. Oleh Slupchynskyj has released an e-book titled, African-American and Ethnic Rhinoplasty, for both consumers and healthcare professionals interested in these unique Rhinoplasty procedures. After over a decade of working with patients from African-America...
6 Virtually Unknown Ways To Use Botox
OK, so we've done a few stories on Botox and anti-aging procedures before, but this was definitely news to us. If you think the buck for Botox stops at fine lines and wrinkles, think again. Do you suffer from FOMO courtesy of an overactive bladder? Accidently summon the no-so-hot guy thanks to a...
Get Kate Middleton’s Nose Without Going under the Knife
Yesterday, the New York Daily News reported that women in the U.S. are flocking to plastic surgeons and requesting the nose of Kate Middleton. The expectant Duchess of Cambridge has become one of the most popular stars whose facial features are being requested by patients.


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