Yesterday, the New York Daily News reported that women in the U.S. are flocking to plastic surgeons and requesting the nose of Kate Middleton.  The expectant Duchess of Cambridge has become one of the most popular stars whose facial features are being requested by patients.

New York City's, Dr. Stephen Greenberg said he now keeps an archive of Kate photos on hand to meet the demand. "It has become so popular that we have made a file of a dozen Kate Middleton pictures to show patients when they come in for their consultation," he said.  "Women want the nose of a woman who is regal, refined and strong.  They certainly don't want the scooped out, over-affected, upturned, pinched nose of a pop star," Dr. Greenberg says.

At a cost of approximately $7,000, however, the perfect Middleton nose might be a bit out of reach for many of us.  But that doesn't mean you can't achieve the looks of your favorite celebs.  Enter the art of makeup contouring. 

Using a small crease brush, contouring powder, shading, and highlight techniques, you can completely transform your look without breaking the bank.  Contouring creates the illusion of a different shaped nose simply by manipulating light.  Check out some popular contouring makeup tools in our slideshow and try on a new nose for size.