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David Gandy
What Type Of Guy Goes Under The Knife?
Ever heard of a guy going under the knife? Turns out it's pretty common and gaining more and more popularity. Check out Dr. Douglas Steinbrech's breakdown of the types of men who opt for a little nip and tuck, and see if any of the men if your life might fit one of these profiles:
Men's Shave
Razor Burn On Face & Neck That Won't Go Away: How To Treat Skin After Shaving Part 2
Razor bumps and razaor urn breakouts affecting your man? There's nothing worse than going in for a kiss and feeling the prickly effects of a bad shave! "Although no longer a matter of life or death, shaving is still a daily chore for approximately 71 million American men," Kyle Schroeder, co-f...
Men's SHve
Razor Burn On Face & Neck That Won't Go Away: How To Treat Skin After Shaving Part 1
Ladies, it's a problem we gotta help our guys with. Razor bumps and razor burn are the worst! The balance between a close shave and razor burn that can trigger bumps, acne, and unwanted breakouts is probably the top skin care challenge men face. From our dads, boyfriends and hubbies, read up ...
Jon Hamm
Boyfriend Grooming 101: How To Make Your Man Look like Actor Jon Hamm From Mad Men
Do you ever find yourself wishing that the man in your life looked just a little bit more like the beyond-gorgeous Jon Hamm? Good news: we can help! We have the exclusive inside scoop on how Jon Hamm's groomer Diana Schmidtke got him red carpet ready for the Emmy Awards last week. Share them with...
Men's Grooming Products: Urban Outfitters Retails Badrick's Products For Shaving & Beard Styles
Now guys can pick up a new outfit and stock up on their grooming products too! Badrick's Skincare, known for its smartly formulated products designed to manage every stage of beard growth, will now be sold at Badrick's Skincare, Inc. is the brainchild of founders Seth ...
Kiehl's & Marvel Introduce Limited Edition Captain America Triple Threat Comic
Building upon the success of their 2013 event, Kiehl's has once again teamed with Marvel Custom Solutions and enlisted a Triple Threat of Super Heroes for a Limited Edition custom Captain America comic book. The illustrations delivers an all-new adventure set in Kiehl's historic New York flagship...
Pacific Shaving Company
Last Minute Father's Day Ideas: Men's Grooming Gifts For Him
Don't forget about Dad! These last minute finds work great to help you win your old man over with a present that's perfect for your Pop.
Kiehl's Launches Line of Skin Care to Combat Oily Greasy Skin For Men
It is a universal issue: men around the world name oily skin as one of their key concerns. Sorry fellas! What makes them oilier? Men have more sebum-producing sebaceous glands than women, which can lead to excess shine, oil, and enlarged pores.
Evolution Man Launches New Restore & Prevent Skin Care Duo For Guys
With Millenial men now said to be one of the new drving forces in the beauty market, EvolutionMan is debuting a new dyanmic duo for guys to try at $49. Late night? Overstressed? Now men can try the new EvolutionMan Revitalize Eye Gel. This new formula is said to be your weapon for an under eye a...
van der Hagen
Valentine's Day Gifts for Him
Valentine's Day is only a few days away! Stills tumped as to what to get your guy? A grooming kit is always the perfect go-to. Chech out what a few notable men's skin care and grooming brand's have to offer up in the giift set section this year and pick the brand that best match's your man. Wheth...
For Him: Men's Grooming Gift Ideas for Holiday 2013
Wondering what little extras you can get for your guy? Whether shopping for your bf, brother, or friend, here are a few clever little ways to give the gift of grooming to the man in your life without freaking him out.
Is Your Man A VitaMan?: Meet the New Men's Grooming Kit Line From Australia
Meet the newest line of men's grooming products to arrive to US shores. Click to check out some of the unique collections It may come as a surprise to some women, but men's skin goes through a heck of a lot. You try taking a harsh razor to your face everyday. Aside from the daily essential of sha...
Our HBA Expo 2013 Favorities!
The HBA Expo was yet another great beauty event, especially for product junkies like us. Endless booth of cool innovative new products put on beauty overload and we loved every minute of it! So after sifting through quite a lot of great products, we have narrowed down our Top 5 must tries. Click t...


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