drugstore mens brandsCredit : Pexels/cottonbro studio

For beauty enthusiasts, the drugstore has been a staple for body and skincare products. The aisles are filled with iconic brands at affordable prices, making it a convenient location. Just a quick stroll around is all that's needed to grab a basket full of essentials. But when it comes to men's products, the drugstore can get a little hazy. Finding a quality product isn't always the easiest, as many brands targeted at men offer a limited selection of items.

Navigating the options can be a chore, so we did the work for you. Keep reading to see our picks for the best drugstore men's brands to try right now.

Nivea Men

You're probably already familiar with Nivea's products. From rich creams to body lotions, the brand is well-cemented in the beauty industry for its quality products. That same care extends to its men's collection. The full line runs the gamut of items, including body washes, shaving needs, and face care, and features skin-loving ingredients for noticeable results. 

The many different product offerings make it easy to create a full regimen. But there are a few standouts to look out for. The Rock Salts Body Wash, for example, is an exfoliating wash that removes buildup and cleanses without drying out the skin.


This newly-released brand by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is making waves in the industry for good reason. Created to simplify grooming routines, it aims to change the conversation around men's products. Its skincare lineup is a great example of this. It includes not just a cleanser and moisturizer but also an eye gel and an exfoliating toner. There's even a selection of tattoo products designed to enhance the vibrance of your ink and moisturize the skin around it. Though the brand is currently only sold at Target, the affordable prices (ranging between $7 and $10 per item) make it a drugstore alternative that's well worth a try. 

SheaMoisture Men

Naturals know the benefits of SheaMoisture's hair products. The beloved brand is known for its conditioning stylers and shampoos, and its men's line is just as nurturing. Crafted with care from natural ingredients, the products are ideal for curls of all textures and melanated skin. The men's collection features hair and body care essentials and some of SheaMoisture's most celebrated formulas, like the avocado butter and Manuka honey blend.

While the wash-day products are great, the beard items are the real heroes. The Maracuja Oil & Shea Butter Beard Detangler is packed with conditioning ingredients to soften the beard and make detangling easier. Whether you have a full beard or a thick texture, this product can mean the difference between an unkept and a well-groomed appearance.


Initially known for its shaving products, Harry's has diversified its collection, which now includes a wide range of skin, body, and hair care items. Whether you're looking for a new shampoo, a fresh-scented soap bar, or a new razor, Harry's is the brand to turn to. Sure, it can be found in most major drugstores and big retailers, but it also offers quality at a price that can't be beaten.

Given its vast selection of items, pinpointing the best will depend on your skin's needs. However, if we had to highlight just one, it'd be the Targeted Blemish Treatment. Formulated with soothing cica, it reduces the appearance of blemishes and calms readiness around the area -- a total win for pesky razor bumps.