The collection of Papatui items Credit : Papatui

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson just launched a men's grooming brand called Papatui.

The brand focuses on science-backed formulations and avoids harmful and ineffective ingredients. The brand launched with face, body, hair, and tattoo care products. We couldn't be more excited about the new brand and the fact that it has so many categories to explore. 

The face collection features a cleanser, a toner, a moisturizer, and an eye gel so that you can make your entire routine Papatui. When it comes to face products, the formulas are cruelty-free and vegan, formulated without sulfates, and free of parabens and phthalates.

Papatui's skincare products are unscented and have hydrating formulas, and many of them feature hyaluronic acid as an ingredient. Other ingredients that you will find across many products in this collection are niacinamide and ceramides.

Papatui's body and hair products include body washes, shampoos, conditioners, soap bars, antiperspirants, and deodorants. Each item in the body and hair collection comes in three different scents.

The first scent is Sandalwood Suede, which is described as a "hotel scent" with warm and woody notes. The next scent is Lush Coconut, which is a vanilla and coconut scent meant to transport you to a tropical island. The final scent is Cedar Sport, which smells clean and features notes of cedarwood meant to inspire you to tackle your day. 

The new brand's tattoo category features a tattoo stick and tattoo balm. Both products promise to rejuvenate, brighten, and protect your tattoos. They feature mango butter and coconut oil to hydrate, protect, and brighten your tattoos. 

Each category has bundles for the product selections. 

You can purchase the items from the Papatui website, but you can also pick up items from your local Target.