Although your skin can be dry and damaged skin all year long, certain seasons can be a little rougher on your skin. If your hands or skin in other areas are cracked, bleeding, or somewhere in the middle, don't worry -- we've got the product to help you save your skin. These balms will help heal dry and damaged skin. 

Pure For Men Bum Balm

Not only can you use this for your face, hands, and body, but you can also use it on your hair and beard. We call that a win! This product is plant-based and smells like mint and clove. This uses natural ingredients that will hydrate, protect, and deodorize your skin. It can also help protect your skin from bacteria. 

Nourished Skin Co. Men's Healing Balm

This fast-absorbing and non-greasy balm can be used on your hands as well as your body. It was designed to help with cracking, irritation, and dryness. It uses coconut oil, which boosts hydration, reduces inflammation, and helps with healing. Another feature is castor seed oil, which helps moisturize your skin, soothe irritation, promote hair growth, and fight acne. Additionally, it contains organic calendula officinalis flower extract, which brings antioxidant benefits, calms your skin, and even helps with pores. 

Badger Balm

Although this is initially designed for hands, you can use this product on any part of your body. It is recommended to be used on your legs, elbows, feet, faces, and lips. This uses ingredients such as beeswax and extra virgin olive oil to moisturize and protect your skin. Not only is this cruelty-free, but it's also USDA Certified Organic. We should also mention it only uses give ingredients! 

Lumin Conditioning Body Balm

This balm looks different because it is actually in liquid form, unlike the other options on this list. We love this product because it conditions, firms, and hydrates your skin while leaving it looking healthy. It uses centella asiatica, which can help your skin barrier and soothe sun damage. Additionally, it contains shea butter, which softens, hydrates, and heals your skin.