Runners World: New Study Warns That Running & Jogging Can Cause Bad Teeth
It's no secret that running can be great for the mind, body and soul. Who doesn't love that rush of endorphins and that sense of accomplishment after a great run? But runners beware, what it's doing to our teeth may surprise you.
5 Health Myths That Really Need to Go Away Part Two
So we helped to dispel the furst 5 myths that really need to go away. Now read up on the next set:
Beautifully Healthy Eats: 7 Tips For Snacking Better
When your stomach growls and those chips, cupcakes, and cookies start to call your name, remember these seven little tips before you reach for an unhealthy snack, courtesy of Beauty4Media:
How To Improve Health, Happiness & Well-Being: 3 Simple Tips Doctors Recommend
"Imagine you're a spider with just one leg," Dr. Frank King said to us. "You put forth immense effort to try to haul yourself around and not only does it wear you out, it's frustrating and you don't get far." King is a chiropractor, doctor specializing in homeopathic remedies, and author of The H...
Decoding the Beauty Aisle: Sophie Uliano Talks 'Green' Beauty Products
Sophie Uliano, NY Times bestselling author and natural lifestyle/beauty expert knows all there is about how to crack the 'go green' beauty code. With celebrity fans like Julia Roberts, Sophie has become the go-to "green guru" to Hollywood stars on living a greener life while looking great. Check out...
Diet Tips: Study Says Eat 7 Servings of Fruit & Vegetables Daily is Optimal For Health
We just got through tellin you all abotu the new nutrition labels that will soon be coming down the pip. Now here'a little extra advice for those looking to slim down this spring. A newly released study out of the United Kingdom revealed today that people who eat up to seven servings of fruit and...
Spring Diet Plans: New Nutrition Labels Aim To Help Us Eat Healthier
Spring is here and it's time to kick those diets into high gear int ime for summer! It's nothing new to the American consumer that food packaging emphasizes only part of a product's health story, and the fact that the nutritional labeling hasn't been overhauled in 20 years hasn't helped, says car...
How Clean Is Your Toothbrush? Dr. Curatola Shares The Truth & Why You Should Never Use A Toothbrush Holder Again
Ever wonder how clean your toothbrush is? The truth will shock you! Check out the scary truth internationally renowned dentist and clinician, Dr. Curatola, had to share with us
Judy Condon Discusses Her Book "Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny" for Lasting Weight Loss
For everyone afraid to step on a scale, this author offers a big serving of tough love. The first thing readers may notice about Judy Condon's new book Nothing Tastes as Good as Skinny is the statement on its cover: "This ain't no diet book." According to Condon, the word 'diet' implies a begi...
Dining-Guilt Free: How to Mentally Prepare Yourself for Holiday Feasts
During the holiday season, it can be quite stressful to maintain the "perfect" diet and exercise regime, when faced with a series of fat and sugar-laden indulgences that are part of the holiday merriment. Thankfully, there is no need to go into a deep black hole of depression, after enjoying your fa...
Beau-TEA Secrets: Steep Your Way To Skin Health
Recent news reports that tea is making a comeback in the U.S. beverage market, a trend that has not gone unnoticed. The market is expected to grow to $18 billion in the next two years, as Americans are seeking a more healthful and less caffeinated replacement for coffee. Research also shows tea cons...
The 2013 Health & Beauty Global Expo & Conference Starts Today!
Today, for three days in New York City, is every beauty guru's fantasy come to life. Once a year, the beauty world gathers under one roof to share their latest products, upcoming innovations, and collections with industry experts, consumers, and media alike at the annual HBA Global Exposition & Conf...
Be Eco-Beautiful with Alejandra Nerizagal
Alejandra Nerizagal's 18 years of industry experience as a hair and makeup artist have made her our go-to for all things beautifully eco-friendly. With her work regularly featured in Glamour, Italian Vogue, Details, GQ, and Nylon, Alejandra specializes in organic beauty and offered us some eye-open...
Brooke Burke-Charvet Doesn't Miss Being 25 At All
41 and fabulous, Brooke Burke-Charvet is showing proof that the 'beauty of aging' theory does in fact exist. The actress, model, and Dancing with the Stars host has always been the picture of health, fitness, and sex appeal, but after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer November and successfully un...
Exercising before bed will help you sleep better
The National Sleep Foundation's Sleep in America poll found a "compelling association between exercise and sleep." Read about why you it's worth breaking a sweat before bed.
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