41 and fabulous, Brooke Burke-Charvet is showing proof that the 'beauty of aging' theory does in fact exist.  The actress, model, and Dancing with the Stars host has always been the picture of health, fitness, and sex appeal, but after being diagnosed with thyroid cancer November and successfully undergoing surgery the following month, Brooke has vowed to raise awareness of the disease and has a newfound viewpoint on what it means to look and feel good.

In a recent interview, Brooke admits that she didn't take her doctor's initial concern about her thyroid seriously.  "I sort of went, 'Oh, okay. I'm gonna call you next week.' And the doctor said, 'No, no, no Brooke. You need to have a thyroidectomy done and you need to schedule this,'" Brooke said.  "It's something that you never think that you're going to experience."  Now fully recovered, for Brooke, healthy is the new beautiful.

Motivated to spread awareness about the disease she overcame, Brooke promotes a positive healthy lifestyle and aging gracefully as the way to look your best in the latest issue of Health Magazine.   "As working women and moms, we make it to all our meetings, get our kids to every appointment. But you have to make yourself a priority. I try to do my workouts early in the day, after I drop my kids off at school, so they're just done. I think if you procrastinate your workout, as evening falls, it's just never gonna happen! Also, I want that energy. I want that adrenaline," she says.  Exercise is obviously key to Brooke's amazingly toned physique, but she also makes a point of indulging and treating herself.  "If your body is really craving something, you might need it. Do it in moderation, then get back on track," Brooke says.

Brooke is also making headlines because she isn't afraid of getting older either.  Debunking the Hollywood myth about the fear of aging amongst its stars, the actress fully embraces being in her 40's, and no plans for going under the knife.  "The 40s are a reality check. That's when some people are trying to look 25," Brooke says. "I would like to slow down my aging process, but I don't want to look like a pumpkin, all swollen! I don't want to fill every flaw in my face. A few? [Laughs] But you have to embrace Mother Nature a little. I want to be my best healthy self."