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Healthy Diet: Essential Items Beyond Food
When it comes to dieting, it's not just about the food you eat. Discover the essential items beyond food that can support your weight loss journey, including exercise equipment and beauty products.
Lift Heavier, Run Faster and Get Leaner…With a Sleep Coach?
Equinox Unveils Study Linking Behavioral Sleep Coaching to Exercise Performance Benefits
Detoxifying The Skin Like A Pro Is So Easy
Detoxify skin from inside and outside is a smart way to rejuvenate skin and maintain its beauty
Marathon Season: Expert Talks About How Running & Varicose Veins Are Related For Best Treatments & Exercises To Get Rid Of Veins Part 2
Get your cross trainers ready cause marathon season is here! The parks and tracks are officially swamped with pros and novice runner training for the big day. Though staying active is important to maintain good health, the question of the correlation between running and varicose veins always ten...
How To Keep Your Brain Fit: 5 Health Tips To Help Avoid Alzheimer's Disease Part 2
While everyone wants to get fit and look good, we often forget we have to exercise our brains! With Setpember being World Alzheimer's Month, we sat down with neurosurgeon Dr. Brett Osborn to learn what we can all do to keep our noggens in shape. Miss Part One of our talks with the expert? Check i...
4 Helpful Tips For How To Lose Weight & Get Into Shape
In the spirit of fitness, our staffers here at BWN have decided to pool our personal fitness tips together to share them with our readers. Be they silly or small, every little bit helps when you're trying to get psyched for physical exertion!
Runner’s Face, Sun Damage, & Thinning Hair: 3 Reasons Why Over-Exercising Can Be A Bad Thing Part 1
Are you a tired and true athlete that loves to keep fit and exercise whenever you can? If so, board certified dematologist Dr. Doris Day has a few errors of caution for ya. "Baby, we born to run! But exercise, when overdone, can stress the body," the expert said. "Whether you're taking part in ...
Shailene Woodley Theo James' 'Divergent' Cast Girlfriend Talks Feeling 'Romantic and Sensual' After Ansel Elgort Sex Scene
Shailene Woodley has had no problem showing off her body as of lately, so it's no surprise that Ansel Elgort's "The Fault in Our Stars" costar had no problem stripping down on the cover of a magazine.
Strength Training For Women: 5 Exercises To Prevent The 'Disease of Aging'
"If you want good health, a long life and to feel your best well into old age, the most important thing you can do is strength-training," Dr. Brett Osborn told us. Osborn is the author of Get Serious, A Neurosurgeon's Guide to Optimal Health and Fitness. "Our ability to fight off disease resid...
The Best #Belfie: Tips From Celebrity Fitness Trainer Gino Caccavale
There is no denying that 'selfies' are a commonality on the internet (even though we all like to deny we don't take them), the new wave of showing off you're svelte behind is by taking a #belfie. Coined by the Insta-famous Jen Selter, we have all become more conscious of how we all look from behind...
New Year, New You: Tips From Experts For Hitting New Year's Fitness Resolutions For 2014
As Americans make New Year's resolutions to get in better shape for 2014, experts who train celebrities and top-ranked athletes offer some surprising tips for improving your health. Their advice includes exercising before getting out of bed, working out at your kitchen counter and soaking in Epsom s...
The Top 5 Non-Beauty Essentials For Beauty
Beauty products may come and go, but there are 5 key not-so-secret tips to beauty that many of us neglect or simply overlook. Start with these tried and true beauty rules, and the rest is easy. No, they're not lipsticks, powders, or creams, but they do offer amazing results.
Exercising before bed will help you sleep better
The National Sleep Foundation's Sleep in America poll found a "compelling association between exercise and sleep." Read about why you it's worth breaking a sweat before bed.


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