Harry Styles, the "Story of My Life" singer, recently had intentional wardrobe malfunction. The One Direction performer dressed up as Miley Cyrus, rocking his version of one of her MTV Video Music Awards costumes.

Styles even showed his butt to fans, but was he making fun of the "Wrecking Ball" singer? 

According to Hollywood Life, the "This is Usstar and Taylor Swift's ex-boyfriend wore tight orange latex short-shorts, his hair in top knots and a white foam hand to just impersonate the singer. 

The photo of Styles as the "Bangerz" performer just went viral after Halloween. Viewers can see the British crooner also sticking his tongue all the way out of his mouth in true Cyrus' fashion. 

Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan and Liam Payne's bandmate must have a great sense of humor, reported HL.

Styles, who has been romantically linked to Cara Delevingne and has a crush on Jennifer Lawrence, had however dissed Liam Hemsworth's ex-fiance in the past. He was one of the most outspoken critics when it came to Cyrus' controversial VMA performance. 

In fact, the singer even mocked the former Disney darling by sticking his tongue out on the red carpet at the show on August 25. And that's not all because Styles went as far as slamming her signature dance move, twerking just a few days after the awards.

"I think it's quite inappropriate," said Styles to Moviefone. "I think, it's you know, promoting promiscuity."

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