Liam Payne Australia: One Direction 'This is Us' Star Shirtless While Surfing, Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction on Hotel Balcony [PHOTOS]

Liam Payne visited Australia recently. The One Direction "This is Us" star went shirtless while surfing, and suffered a wardrobe malfunction while on his hotel balcony. 

According to Entertainment Wise, the 20-year-old crooner make the most of his trip down under this weekend.

Harry Styles and Zayn Malik's bandmate hit the waves during a break from 1D's hectic Take Me Home tour. The crooner surfed with another bandmate, Louis Tomlinson while showing off his buff body and toned abs.

[For his shirtless surfing photos, click HERE.]

At one point, cameras caught the singer putting on his wetsuit. He looked as if he has been hitting the gym a lot lately.

"Harry hasn't got a Brad Pitt body yet, but Liam has," said Ramzy Khacknik, the manager of 1D's personal trainer Mark Jarvis, to Yahoo OMG! "Liam's got the best body, a washboard stomach now. He's the one responding the best and enjoys it the most." 

Just Jared reported that the hunky boy band member had a little clothing mishap on his Whale Beach hotel balcony on Sunday. Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson's bandmate had on sweatpants, which were hanging very low on his hips.

Fans could see that Payne had on no underwear while stepping out into the sunshine. The top part of his crotch area was uncovered and exposed, according to the celebrity news site.

[For the balcony photos, click HERE.]

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