Since men are getting into makeup now more than ever, we are happy to hear that One Direction has new "Little Things" cosmetics and nail polish lines launching soon at Talk about going in the right direction! 

These chic collections are a great way to stay in their fans' good beauty graces. With an awesome collabo with London-based MUA Cosmetics, we get some great lipsticks, lip glosses, blush and nail polishes for around $5 bucks each and to, of course, wear alongside our 1D "Our Moment" fragrance. 

The guys' fave colors and flavors inspired the cosmetics line. The balms even have cute names like "Harry Loves Stawberry," "Zayn Loves Watermelon," "Louis Loves Vanilla," "Niall Loves Cherry" and "Liam Loves Blueberry." Yummy!

Their scented lip polish comes with the promise of super soft lips that smell good enough to eat. But if you're looking for something a little more serious, there are lipsticks in shades soft pink shade "Moments," and the siren red shade called "Be Mine." And for the blushing babes, there's cheek tints called "Coral Cutie," "Pink Explosion" and "Rose Riot." How cheeky! 

Rounding out the fab finds are five nail polish colors with each member's handsome little face on one of the bottles. 

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