Though Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder have been living in splitsville for a while, the twosome worked together as endorsers for international clothing brand, Penshoppe.

The former couple and "Vampire Diaries" stars took some just-released glamorous, attractive snaps during the brand's 2013 ad campaign photoshoot in New York City, according to The Phillippe Star

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Dobrev, who likes fun, casual clothes, rocked a number of hip and chic ensembles including a mid-sleeve charcoal sheer top paired with rub red pants and casual, patterned ocean blue jacket with denim shorts. Somerhalder gave smoking hot with a relaxed flair in a white tee, military-influenced jacket and denim jeans, a color-block, black-and-green shirt and baby blue sweater.

Both stars looks' complemented each other in the shots, which were taken by renowned photographer and frequent Penshoppe collaborator, Darren Tieste.

The pair sat down, joked and opened up to the Star's Tim Yap for a featured interview for their Supreme culture section, acting very lovey-dovey. In fact, Somerhalder could not keep his hands off of Dobrev, according to the newspaper's report, which was updated on Saturday.

"Ian's hands were all over Nina, like they were making up for lost time," Yap wrote. "I guess this was the only time they could have some catch up time, what with the hectic schedules jet setting all over the world." 

We guess that the shoot must have taken place before the breakup. 

The stars also detailed their styles, which Dobrev's is "casual chic" while Somerhalder loves to be comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt. Dobrev thinks her clothes are "like her children" and that Emma Stone is stylish while Somehalder's vote goes to Cary Grant.

And both would like to save the planet, travel and do even bigger things when they're are not catching some z's on their days off.

Catch up with the stars in TVD's 5th season, which will premiere on the CW in October.