Ice Spice - BET Awards 2023 - Arrivals (Photo : Getty Images/Bennett Raglin)
Ice Spice attends the BET Awards 2023 at Microsoft Theater on June 25, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.

A photo of Ice Spice with no makeup on is going viral on social media.

On Sunday, an account on X, formerly Twitter, shared a photo of the Bronx-born rapper sans her usual eye makeup, mascara, eyeliner, and glossy lipstick.

In the snap, Ice Spice sported a long, straight pink wig as she appeared to take a selfie using her phone.

"Ice Spice no makeup on [I don't know] how to feel anymore [broken heart emoji]," the user captioned the picture.

The post has since racked up nearly 16 million views, over 3,700 reposts, and 48,000 likes on X, with numerous accounts sharing the same photo across the platform.

Another post featuring Ice Spice's barefaced photo has garnered a whopping 40 million views, 130,000 likes, 12,000 reposts, and 12,000 comments.

The widespread circulation of the photo sparked a slew of negative comments among netizens, along with jokes mocking the "Boy's a liar Pt. 2" hitmaker.

"People say she's an industry plant, but she really needed a hair transplant," one comment read.

"[F]orehead with the size of Atlanta airport," another person wrote.

"I'm sorry but if that's how she looks without makeup ... I feel bad for everyone simping over her," a third X user commented.

"[T]hat's not Ice Spice, that's Melted Bland," another comment read.

But numerous social media users rallied behind Ice Spice, saying that she looks beautiful without makeup on and that her bare face is perfectly normal.

"[I] have so many words and feelings [I] can't put into a tweet. [B]ut needless to say she's beautiful, and god, [I] am so sick of [the] media going nuts when a woman isn't wearing REMOVABLE makeup. [Y]'all are truly f------ insufferable and toxic and the root of a lot of our issues," one user posted, defending the "Barbie World" singer from hate comments.

"[S]he doesn't bother anyone yet y'all bully her on this app for what? [T]his is why celebs be feeling suicidal," another fan commented

"Nothing wrong here. That's how an actual woman looks like without filter and makeup," a third user wrote.

The exact date of when the picture was taken is uncertain. But given the rapper's straight pink hair, it's presumed to be from 2021 or earlier since she hasn't showcased this hairstyle publicly since then, according to HipHopDX.

In September, Ice Spice graced the cover of Variety's The New York Issue, where she delved into the topic of her rapid ascent to fame and how she deals with the challenges that come with it.

"A lot of people have thrown that in my face -- like 'Oh, I've never seen anything happen so quickly. She needs to be studied,' or 'She's a plant,'" the rapper told the magazine.

She added, "I just let people believe whatever they want to believe, to be honest. I don't really mind all the rumors. At first I did, but now I'm at a point where I understand that just comes with this lifestyle."