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Chrissy Teigen has been keeping it real when it comes to social media with her unfiltered photos and straight to the point captions.

In her recent post over her Instagram Stories, the "Lip Sync Battle" host bravely shared her battle scars as she celebrates Valentine's day.

The mother-of-two shared a series of videos and snaps during her date with husband John Legend, where they spend a romantic day in a hotel room.

Capping off the night, she posted a photo of her mid-part that revealed her scars from recent surgeries.

To recall, the former Sports Illustrated model lost their unborn baby, Jack, in a miscarriage, which she described as "utter and complete sadness."

Months later, the 35-year-old tv personality underwent surgery to alleviate an intense pain from endometriosis.

Despite her unfortunate events, such as Chrissy Teigen's miscarriage and surgeries, she knows how to move and continue her life.

The brunette beauty uses her platform to raise awareness and somehow update her 34 million Instagram followers with a glimpse of her day to day life.

Of course, just like every celebrity, the "Bring the Funny" host has her fair share of beauty blunders that she has posted on social media.

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Swollen Lips

A post shared by instagram

Earlier this week, John Legend's wife shocked her fans as she posted a photo of her swollen lips.

Over Chrissy Teigen's Instagram caption, she mentioned it was due to a "suspicious orange" that might have been covered with pesticides.

Moreover, she also cleared that it was not because of botox or a "filler fail."

Botched Nose Piercing

Weeks before Christmas of 2020, the model and cookbook author jumped on the bandwagon and got herself a nose piercing.

She opted for a simple stud on her nose; however, she mentioned that her experience didn't quite go as planned.

In Chrissy Teigen's Twitter, she explained that the piercer did it wrong, causing the ring to fall out immediately. Moreover, it was a bit high and almost near her nostrils.

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Concealer Mayhem

Moving on from the drastic beauty blunder, the mother-of-two also experienced a ton of makeup bloopers.

In a previous report cited by InStyle, Chrissy Teigen shared the time when she was on a flight and had mistaken her Chanel concealer as her lip gloss.

She explained that since both products have the same packaging, she mistakenly put the concealer over her lips.

"I just walked out of there with this muted-color concealer face. It was ridiculous, and I looked like an idiot!" she quipped.

Experimenting with Hair Color

Chrissy Teigen's childhood also includes experimenting with various shades of hair color. The tv-personality, who naturally had dark hair, recalled dying her tresses in Chocolate Cherry color.

"It was this red-black color, and it was a big mistake. I feel like my hair is still recovering from it," she mentioned.

Hair Iron Ordeal

Another Chrissy Teigen's hair mishap involves a giant iron.

She told that one of her craziest looks is having pin-straight hair. At the time, she and her sister would lay down and straighten their hair using a giant iron instead of a flat iron for hair.

"It's not that it didn't look good or didn't work, but that's just insane. It's horrible for your hair."

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