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And the celebrity beauty brands keep coming. Following the footsteps of A-list stars like Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Pharrell Williams, and Alicia Keys, Priyanka Chopra Jonas just launched Anomaly, her brand new haircare line at Target.

Chopra tells People that sustainability is very important to her, so eco-friendly ingredients and packaging were a priority, and so was accessible pricing. 

She reveals that at 15, she used to go to Walmart and Target to buy haircare products for her waist-length hair but found that "all the good stuff" was too pricey. With that said, even if most celebrity beauty brands are usually on the expensive side, all the products of Anomaly are all under $6, $5.99 to be exact. 

As for sustainability, Chopra shares with People that Anomaly's packaging is made with 100 percent recycled trash from landfills and oceans, and they're still recyclable.

She adds that they have saved a lot on the packaging and focused on product formulas. She also told Elle that she wanted "no parabens and sulfates, but super clean" haircare products.

The Anomaly Product Line

Chopra reveals that since she's not a hair professional, she tends to get overwhelmed by multiple products. Creating a curated line of products that were superior and targeted specific hair concerns became the goal. Anomaly's product line is pretty straightforward. The brand is starting with eight products that consumers can easily mix and match. Below is the complete product line.

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Anomaly Gentle Shampoo

The gentle shampoo is meant for daily use since it cleanses gently without stripping moisture. It contains rosemary and grapefruit extracts and features a clean formula without sulfates, parabens, phthalates, silicones, or mineral oil. It's also gluten-free, cruelty-free, and vegan.

Anomaly Hydrating Shampoo

This formula features aloe vera and coconut oil to give dry, dull, and overheated hair an extra moisture boost. Chopra tells Refinery29 that she uses this variant when her hair has undergone heat styling.

Anomaly Clarifying Shampoo

Charcoal and eucalyptus work to remove build from oil, dirt, and hair products like leave-on and dry shampoo. Chopra uses this variant when she feels that her hair could use a deeper cleanse.

Anomaly Smoothing Conditioner

Chopra shares with Refinery29 that she has coarse and frizzy hair, so her favorite Anomaly conditioner is this smoothing variant. This conditioner's hero ingredients are argan oil and quinoa to smoothen dry or frizzy hair and give it a dose of nutrients, too. The two other variants are also self-explanatory: Anomaly Volume Conditioner (with bamboo and rice water) and Anomaly Shine Conditioner (with murumuru butter and jojoba oil).

Anomaly Deep Conditioning Treatment Mask

For extra TLC, Chopra uses this Deep Conditioning Treatment Mask twice a week. The mask features castor seed, which is known to deeply hydrate hair, boost hair growth, and avocado oil, giving an even more rich source of moisture.

Anomaly Dry Shampoo

For those days when you can't be bothered to wash your hair or when it's not shampoo day, use Anomaly's dry shampoo, which has rice starch to soak up excess oil and tea tree oil to address scalp impurities. You also won't need to worry about a white cast with this dry shampoo.

Anomaly Haircare is now available at Target and

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