INH Hair Launched Three New Wigs Inspired By BLACKPINKCredit : insertnamehere/Instagram

K-Pop superstars are notorious for their ever-changing looks. Even in a single music video, they can showcase multiple makeup trends and hairstyles. Case in point, BLACKPINK's "Ice Cream" music video featuring pop royalty Selena Gomez. BLACKPINK members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa sashayed and danced around in multiple outfits and hairstyles, almost managing to overshadow Gomez in the bouncy pop video. Taking its cue from this music video, which, by the way, has over 480 million views on YouTube, INH Hair launched three new wigs inspired by BLACKPINK.

According to Nylon, INH (Insert Your Name) Hair released this new collection today, January 27, and these stunning wigs will make it easier for fans to channel their K-pop idol aspirations. Wigs are also a fun way of changing up looks without the commitment.


The first wig is named "Charlie." It's a 12-inch-long soft black long bob or lob that has frosted pink tips. Nylon reports that this is INH Hair's first two-toned wig, and it's not subtle in any way. You can wear it in any style and the pink will be clearly visible in every which way. The Charlie wig is clearly inspired by BLACKPINK member Lisa, and you can see the hairstyle within 20 seconds of the "Ice Cream" music video. It's not surprising that within the day of the launch, the wig is already sold out. While the INH Hair website singles this out as a limited-edition hairpiece, watch out for restocking, as that's probably a sure thing to happen with the high demand.

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The second wig, "Alice," was also inspired by Lisa's hairstyle from last August. Teen Vogue recalls her showcasing bright red locks with her trademark bangs in an Instagram post, which garnered more than 5 million likes. While Lisa's hair from that period was more maroon than red, the Alice wig is an apple red shade but is still rocking the same blunt bangs that Lisa is famous for. This wig is 16 inches long and is poker straight.

The third wig, "Nikki," which has also already sold out, is the longest at 22 inches. It's another two-toned wig of silver or "ice" with black tips. It also features bangs like the first two wigs, but the rest of the wig is layered and wavy.

All wigs cost under $100, are heat resistant up to 320°F, and can be maintained with a gentle shampoo. To avoid tangles, INH Hair advises brushing the wig before and after you use it, and when it's time to wash it, use a gentle shampoo as mentioned and lay it flat to air dry.

INH Hair Collaborations

Seeing as two out of three of the new wigs are already sold out, you may want to check other INH Hair options. Their latest collaboration is with Care Bears. Instead of wigs, this collection features vegan and semi-permanent hair colors in the shades of every Care Bear. In short, it's a rainbow-colored collection that's the perfect jumpstart to spring. With shades like canary yellow for Funshine Bear, mint green for Wish Bear, cerulean blue for Grumpy Bear, lavender for Share Bear, and fuschia pink for Love-A-Lot-Bear, say goodbye to the gloomy winter and enjoy a dose of nostalgia come spring.

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